“If you're in doubt, you must do this tour! It was an amazing bonding experience for our group, the guides were top-notch, and we had the trip of a lifetime! Even though it was pouring rain, we stayed bone dry while zipping. The forest canopy really does provide good cover! Highly recommended!”

Jonathan Laird & Family – New York City

“Before I came here, I thought my life was complete. I never knew what I was missing. Now… I have zipped through trees, and I have found true fulfillment. Your operation is first class all the way. Thanks.”

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“Out of all the tours we checked out on our trip, this was our favorite. We certainly made the right choice. Everything was wonderful. Great memories for the rocking chair on the front porch!”

Rudy & Kathy Persy, Texas

“Couldn't ask for a better experience. Amazing staff, incredible views and what could only be described as the safest exhilirating moments in all of Juneau”.

Melissa Warchild – Sacramento, California

“What a way to enjoy this beautiful state and have a great adventure at the same time. It was fantastic!”

Cara & Cory Sargent – Portland, Oregon

“This really made my trip...Though I was afraid to zip! I thought I'd make a major slip, or somehow turn upside down and tip! But Amanda made me brave, Erin made me wave. My fear they were able to stave… About zipping, I will rave!!! Thanks for the rush!”

Cathy Reynolds – Mom & Wife, Texas

“I am a local Juneau resident and was ‘talked’ into going on this zip-trip by my friend...and am I glad that she did. What FUN! While not scary, the first zip was a ‘zip of faith’. Thanks to the staff for making this a very fun tour. I have already told my friends and shown the pictures and expect they will take the tour as well. Thanks Alaska Zipline… I'll be back!! Best regards and have a great summer!”

Bea Findlay

“What a wonderful trip! Don't miss this adventure… The awesome beauty & sound of the rainforest at this level is remarkable. This was our first time on a Zip Trip and we're hooked, and looking for more zipline adventures. Thank you Zipper Staff for the experience of a life time.”

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