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Hi my name is Gin which is short for Virginia! Welcome to beautiful Alaska! I am from Fairbanks but relocated to Southeast Alaska after graduating with my Masters in Music at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I'm an opera singer turned zipline guide! It was my hope to make my way out of The Last Frontier but fell in love with the area and since then have made Juneau my home. What an adventure it has been so far owning and operating Alaska Zipline Adventures with my best friend and husband, Davy. We love sharing this special place and the thrill of zipping through the trees with everyone we meet and have made some lasting friendships along the way! When I am not helping take care of our guests and guides, I love hiking, running, listening to music, drinking a good cup of coffee, cooking (and eat) Brazilian food and playing with our rescue puppy, Arnie! I can't wait to spend another summer wearing rain boots and showing you all a good time! Come explore the rainforest with us! Happy zipping!


Hi, I'm Davy. I grew up in Tennessee, but after daydreaming for years about experiencing the Alaskan wilderness, I moved to Fairbanks where I studied music at the University of Alaska. I soon learned that Alaska has more to offer than you can imagine! Alaska is also where I met my wonderful wife, Gin. We feel so lucky to be the leaders of AZA and can't wait to share this wonderful place and the joy of zipping through the forest with all of our visitors this summer. Aside from helping take people into the Alaskan rainforest, some things I really enjoy are good sushi, listening to a wide range of music, finding new trails to hike and having breakfast for dinner. We hope to see you in Juneau soon!


Hello Everyone! My name is Aaron Cohen and I am very excited to be starting my 3rd summer working with Alaska Zipline Adventures. Born and raised in Juneau, I am happy to be back home for the summer after a few months of traveling and I can’t wait to spend the next few months zipping through the gorgeous Juneau sunshine (or rain but you know, ziplining is still pretty cool in the rain). I graduated a geology major so if while out on your tour you see an amazing rock that just speaks to you, find me and I’ll do my best to identify it for you! Back to the ziplining though, I can’t wait to meet everyone that comes up and tours with us this summer, we’ll have an amazing crew and you’ll have an amazing time! See you this summer!


Hey, I’m David! This summer will be my third season at the zipline and I couldn’t be more excited to meet people from around the world and share my hometown with them! I’m currently working towards an English degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and learning Spanish for a trip to South America. Besides helping others explore the rainforest, I really enjoy salmon fishing, trail running, bonfires and fumbling around on my guitar. Hope to see you all soon!


Hey everyone! My name is Nicole and I am excited to join my sister Gin and her husband Davy to guide for their zipline business. What a fun way to spend the summer - exploring Juneau and flying through the trees! I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska but now live in Utah where I am currently attending Utah State University. Some of my favorite pastimes are hiking with my dogs, cooking, camping, going on drives in the country and riding my horse Ray. I've had the pleasure of visiting Juneau often and so excited to get to spend my summer in Alaska. Looking forward to zipping through the trees with you all!


Greetings world travelers! My name is Cameron and I will have the distinct pleasure of guiding you all through the wondrous trees of Alaska this summer. This will be my second season with AZA, and I must say, “It's good to be back!” I hail from the bright and sunny city of Los Angeles, and am not your typical California beach bum. I enjoy hiking, camping and exploring the beautiful nature that mother earth has provided us with. When I’m not immersed in national parks or rock climbing, I am pursuing a degree in outdoor recreation management. I also enjoy many other activities such as hunting, fishing, and off road motor sports. See you in the trees!


Hello fellow zipliners! This will be my first season at AZA. I was born and raised in Cache Valley, Utah. My free time is spent rock climbing, backpacking, alpine touring, mountain biking, playing piano, cooking and as much traveling as I can get in! I love to learn and am currently studying at Utah State University in Outdoor Product Design. I am excited to share my love for the outdoors and adventure with you! I'm looking forward to the great memories to be made out in the trees!


Hi my name is Arnie! I am the newest member to the zipline family. Originally from California, Juneau is now my home and the perfect place to explore the forest and chase critters which is my favorite thing to do! I also love to take naps, lounge in the sun, get treats from the coffee shop girls and cuddle up in someone's lap. I will be the friendly face to greet you at the zipline!


Hello!! My name is Emily and I am so excited to be returning to the zipline crew this year for a third season! Originally from Fairbanks, I have spent the last several years living in Washington state and Oregon. After graduating with my Bachelors degree in English from Portland, Oregon, I am excited to spend another year in the beautiful Southeast Alaska rainforest. My hobbies include crafting, reading, going on walks with my crazy dog and traveling, and I’m always up for a zip through the trees! Come join us for a great adventure and see the last frontier for yourself!


Hey y’all, My name is Brandon, I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m a Senior studying communications at Southern Utah University. I had to choose between an executive internship with Target in Vegas or coming to Alaska as a zipline tour guide this summer, but I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to meet people from across the world and have this incredible adventure. I love camping, hiking and fishing which also made Alaska hard to pass up. Sports have also been a big part of my life. In High School I did both volleyball and track, and do my best to stay active and somewhat in shape. After graduating from High School I lived in Ukraine for two years, where I learned Russian and fell in love with the country. It was an incredible experience and I am so excited to share the next adventure with you swinging through the forests of Alaska.


Hey all! My name is Brittney and I’m excited to make memories with everyone on the zipline this summer! I spent the first half of my life here in Juneau before moving to Anchorage, Alaska then later Bellingham, Washington, and have recently moved back in time to finish out my senior year at Juneau-Douglas High School. I love the challenge that art presents and will be attending BYU Idaho this fall to peruse this passion. I enjoy everything from painting, drawing, and ceramics, to hiking, biking, skiing and of course, ziplining! Be prepared for puns and movie/book references because I am full of them, and am ready to have a blast!


My name is Kelsey and I am very excited to be spending another summer here in Juneau. I was born and raised in southern Arizona, although I am currently residing in Utah. I have just finished my freshman year of school at Southern Utah University and am working towards earning my degree in environmental engineering. Next semester I will be traveling to Greece to study abroad as some of my passions include traveling, learning and the outdoors. I’m very excited to be working in Juneau’s beautiful forests and meeting all of the zippers!


Howdy Folks, my name is Kyle. I am a wrangler, a cowboy who breaks broncos to the saddle, and I am a nature nut. I love working with horses, hiking, hunting and fishing. If you have any questions about wildlife or need help identifying a plant, I'm your man. I am super excited to get to meet you and to zip through the trees with you!


What’s going on travelers! My name is Linnell Bush and I am excited to be one of your guides for AZA this summer. I am a Midwesterner from the good ol' land of Lincoln, which is in Illinois. I enjoy the outdoors, but not as much as I like sports. The best thing is to be able to play a sport outdoors! My favorite things currently are basketball and now snowboarding. I am soon preparing to go for my Masters in Education. See you guys on the mountain!


Hi my name is Melissa Jo and I've been a local Alaskan my whole life. I enjoy a ton of things Juneau has to offer such as hiking our beautiful peaks to fishing our wonderful creeks! I am also a hula hooper and everywhere I go, my hoop goes too! My beautiful 4 year old son accompanies me on all my adventures as well, and is my little hooper in training! I am beyond thrilled to be working with Alaska Zipline Adventures this season and look forward to giving you all the wonderful Alaskan experience you deserve!


Hey everyone! My name is Monica and I’m excited to spend my summer guiding with AZA. I was born and raised in Juneau. I recently moved back to Alaska after receiving my Bachelors Degree in Biology from Southern Oregon University. I’ll be spending my free time this summer hiking, biking and enjoying Southeast Alaska’s long summer days. This will be my last summer in Alaska before moving to Michigan to get my Masters Degree in Public Health and I can’t wait to spend it ziplining with you!


Greetings wondrous travelers! My name is Sasha and this will be my first season as a guide at AZA. I have lived in Alaska for my entire life, but have never been able to spend a summer in Southeast Alaska. Hopefully this summer will be one for the record books. I am currently studying for my BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Alaska Fairbanks hoping to finish in the next two years. When I’m not working hard on my academics, you will catch me either camping, skiing, biking, fishing, backpacking, or having a good time with my friends. I can’t wait for everyone to come up and experience the adventure of zipping through the Alaskan Trees. Cheers!


Hello there, my name is Shale Kibby and this will be my first year working with everyone at AZA. I'm excited to zip around in the trees this summer and give people an Alaskan tour from a unique perspective. Although this is my first year working up at the mountain, that doesn't mean I'm not familiar with Juneau. My family has been in Juneau for generations and I'm working on keeping it that way. I'm a very active person and I enjoy working on my Dog Treat & Toy business (I love animals and have 5 baby chicks right now!), making coffee at a local shop, deck-handing on a charter boat, taking hikes and camping. I'm always enjoying Alaska and I'm happy to have the opportunity this summer to share part of our town with you!


Hi everyone! My name is Sierra and I am 17 years old and currently in high school. I was born and raised here in Juneau, Alaska and being part Alaska native has let me embrace this beautiful place to the maximum! I love being outdoors and expressing my culture as much as I can. I hope that you all enjoy this amazing place as much as I do!


Hi guys! My name is Tina and I'm very excited for my first season with AZA! I am 16 years old and I go to school here - Juneau Douglas High School. I am going to be a senior and planning on going to college in California. I was born and raised in Ukraine and I moved to Juneau 2 years ago. I fell in love with Juneau and its amazing nature. I love hiking and I can't express how much I enjoy dancing. I have been a dancer for almost 10 years now and hip hop is my favorite style. I won many national hip hop championships in Ukraine. I love traveling, especially in Europe because it's so unique and fascinating (Rome is my favorite place). On my free time I love listening to music, especially Drake and Kanye West. I hope to go to his concert this summer. Also, I'm addicted to chocolate and Las Vegas roll. I am very excited to meet you guys and have a great time with you!


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