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Hi my name is Gin which is short for Virginia! Welcome to beautiful Alaska! I am from Fairbanks but recently relocated to Juneau after graduating with my Masters in Music at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I'm an opera singer turned zipline guide! It has been quite an adventure being the new owners of Alaska Zipline Adventures with my best friend and husband, Davy. We love sharing this special place and the thrill of zipping through the trees with everyone we meet and have made some lasting friendships along the way! When I'm not helping take care of our guests and guides I enjoy hiking, running, drinking coffee, cooking (and eating) Brazilian food and playing with our new rescue dog, Arnie! I can't wait to spend another summer wearing rain boots and showing you all a good time! Come explore the rainforest with us! Happy zipping!


Hi, I'm Davy. I grew up in Tennessee, but moved to Alaska 5 years ago to study music at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I immediately fell in love with this place! You could spend your entire life in Alaska without experiencing everything it has to offer. Alaska is also where I met my beautiful wife, Gin. We feel so lucky to be the leaders of AZA and can't wait to share this wonderful place and the joy of zipping through the forest with all of our visitors this summer. When I'm not zipping, I love hiking, climbing, exploring new places and learning new things, like how to ski and play the mandolin (but not at the same time). We hope to see you in Juneau soon!


Hello to all of the future zippers! My name is Alicia and I’m a born and raised Juneauite. I’m looking forward to spending my 3rd summer as a guide with Alaska Zipline Adventures. I always have such a great time meeting people from all over the United States, and even other countries. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my summers than zipping through the spectacular Tongass National Forest. I’m currently finishing up my Associates Degree at the University of Alaska Southeast this spring. I’m not sure what’s in store for me following this summer, but I’m excited to figure it out. I look forward to meeting all the adventurous people who choose to come and experience the Zipline this summer. It will be tons of fun, rain or shine!


Hi, I’m McKenzie! I’m a lifelong Juneau resident looking forward to another beautiful Alaskan summer. My favorite sunny day activities are hiking and kayaking, and my favorite rainy day activities are cooking and writing! In 2012 I earned my Bachelor’s in English from the University of Alaska Southeast—right here in Juneau. I’m considering graduate school in the near future, but right now I’m just so excited to be on the AK Zip team! I’ve worked in tourism for six summers and there’s something so addictive about being around people who are on vacation! I'll see you in Alaska!


Hello! My name is Katie and I’m originally from Juneau! I graduated in the fall semester from UAS with my Bachelors in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in art and psychology. Currently I am working towards my Masters in Special Education and should begin graduate school in the fall. This year I am a returning guide and your new dock representative! I love doing everything and anything outside and zipping is one way to have a blast! I recently got a puppy. Her name is George and even though she’s small (7 pounds roughly), she holds her own on the trails. I can’t wait to meet everyone this summer! It’s going to be EPIC!


Hello there! My name is Amanda and I enjoy long romantic walks on the beach…. Kidding! Well, I do enjoy the beach but who doesn’t, right? This is my first season with AZA and I am beyond excited for it! I am so lucky to have this opportunity and to be living in such an incredible place!! I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm for it with you! When I am not zipping through the trees with you lovely people, you can catch me out exploring, hiking, climbing, singing, dancing (poorly) or just cuddling with my pup (His name is Sampson and he is the love of my life). I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri but I recently caught the guiding bug while guiding in North Carolina last summer and I don’t plan on looking back anytime soon! I look forward to zipping with you and making an impact on your Alaskan experience! I know you will definitely make an impact on mine!


Hey everybody! My name is Christian, native to Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a liberal arts student and athlete at Colorado College in Colorado Springs where I hope to double major in Philosophy and Film and New Media. I’ve played soccer my whole life but my move to Colorado sparked a different outdoor fire in me. I drove up to Juneau with two great guys, Caden and Oliver (fellow guides). We have come to Juneau for an adventure of magnanimous proportions and cannot wait for you to join us!


Hello all! My name is Amanda. I am a Leo, and my fiery red hair and bubbly disposition are proof of that. I was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska and just completed my Bachelor of Arts in Education at Eastern Washington University this spring. My favorite past times include sipping Earl Grey tea as the morning fog lifts off the harbor and spending countless hours reading Twilight. I am very excited for my first season as a guide at Alaska Zipline Adventures. Having had family members work for the zipline I’ve had the opportunity to experience the tour a number of times. After all the fun I've had I am looking forward to spending my entire summer being a part of the zipline team, flying through the trees and getting to meet and chat with all of you adventure seeking souls.


Hello World! I’m Emily McDaniel and this is my second season at the zipline! I’m originally from Alaska and love it there! I was born in the North Pole and went to school in Anchorage for a couple of years but Alaska couldn’t keep me forever, now I am attending school in Portland, Oregon for an English degree. I have been missing the excitement of the Last Frontier here in the lower 48 and I can’t wait to get back to it for another summer! My favorite things to do in life are read, sleep, go on adventures and zipline, of course! I am so excited to share my love of zipping with you guys. Let’s go on a great adventure zipping through the trees in Juneau! See you soon!


Hello Adventurers! My name is Carolyn and I couldn’t be more excited to be spending the summer back in Juneau exploring the zipline course and forest! I was born in North Carolina and moved all up and down the east coast when I was young. Eventually my parents decided to settle in the great land of Alaska! While living in Juneau full time I spent most of my hours skiing, exploring the backcountry, hiking and studying avalanches! For the past four years I have been attending Arizona State University studying Industrial Design. I love building things and creating my own inventions and graphics! While in the warm Phoenix sun I have taken up triathlon racing and even got to work as a ski instructor in northern Arizona during my senior year! Now that I have graduated, I decided I needed a Juneau adventure before heading off to the corporate world. I look forward to sharing an amazing adventure filled summer with you!


Hey everyone, my name is Joel and I'm returning for my second season of flying through the rainforest with AZA. After being born in Missouri, moving to California and back, I've now lived in Juneau for a decade and have found it easy to call this beautiful place home. I'm studying Biology at the University of Alaska Southeast here in town, and when I'm not occupied with homework you'll find me playing guitar, camping on an island and cooking without a recipe. The Zipline team here knows how to have a good time, and Gin and Davy have perfected the zipping experience so that we might share that good time with you. I'll see you this summer!


My name is David and I was born and raised here in Alaska where I have a blast kayaking, running, hiking, camping, and simply exploring everyday. I did some traveling in Asia after high school and attended the University of Colorado Boulder for a bit, but the awe-inspiring scenery and fun-loving people of Juneau keep bringing me back! While I was away, I so appreciated those who showed me their way of life and I can't wait to share this place with all of you. What a better way to do that than by flying through the rainforest?! I'm so excited for my first season here at the zipline and I hope to see you soon!


Hello there! My name is Caden and I am from Denver, Colorado. I just finished up my freshman year at Colorado College with hopes of a future major in Biology and a minor in Computer Science. I spent a majority of my childhood playing soccer, skiing and hiking Colorado's famous Rocky Mountain fourteeners which have all become a large part of my life. This will be my first summer with AZA so I look forward to spending my summer exploring the great outdoors from a birds-eye-view!


Hi all! My name is Oliver and I am stoked to be heading to Alaska this summer! Born near the rainforests of Costa Rica and raised in the great city of Houston, Texas, I am both an outdoors fanatic and a city-slicker. I am currently attending Colorado College with the two fine gentlemen that will also be guiding with AZA this summer, Caden and Christian. I have spent time in both South America climbing Patagonia's windy peaks and San Sebastian, Spain playing in soccer tournaments. The great outdoors is definitely where I find myself most at home and am excited to explore what Alaska has to offer. I can't wait to spend my summer zipping through the canopy of Southeast Alaska's temperate forests with you all!


Hi, my name is Olivia and I am a Juneauite who loves to zip through the Tongass trees. I have been fortunate enough to travel to many far off lands, but the more places I go, the more I appreciate the physical landscape and culture of Southeast Alaska. I just graduated from the University of Alaska Southeast with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts. I love to learn so much about everything and anything that my mind is often buzzing. But when I'm flying through the trees on the zipline, I feel at peace. Soon you will know just what I'm talking about!


Hey guys, I'm Taylor and this will be my first season with AZA. I don't understand why it took me so long to get here! Juneau born and raised, my love for this place I call home grows every day (even in the rain… sometimes), and I could not be more excited to share it with you. I’m currently working on a degree at the University of Alaska Southeast while intermittently taking chunks of time off to travel. When not zipping through the trees, I enjoy making music, ceramics, and maybe a bit of volleyball. Of the places I’ve been, Juneau still tops my list, and I hope it gets up there on yours too! After hangin’ in our forests, I don’t think you’ll have a choice but to agree.


Hi zipline friends! I am originally from California but was recently adopted and loving my new Juneau home. When I'm not trying to stay warm (I have loads of sweaters) I enjoy exploring the outdoors, eating treats, sun bathing, watching birds and chasing bugs! I am looking forward to greeting you all at the lodge when you come up to zip with us!


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